No online for a week.

11:46:00 AM

Asrh, I planned to update my blog on Monday.
But that day Peyrong asked me out after school to Badminton.
So I went and okay, I can really play.
Wai Kin's friends and Cecilia all went there for badminton.
I think it was my first time saw Cecilia's sister.
She's quite tall too.
Okay skip this.

Then Tuesday went to school as usual.
After school mom, sister and grandma came to fetch at school.
Then went for lunch at Two Fatty restaurant @ ChowYang.
After that, we went to airport.
Reached there around 4 something.
We used around 2 hours to reach there, pheww.
Grandma going to Sabah visits Aunt Alice.
Grandma went there for four times during this year.
Aunt Alice helped her to book ticket for the whole year so she MUST go.
The money paid and she just have to do is go in the plane! Lol.
So you can know that from morning until airport and after airport, Im wearing smelly school uniform.
That was my first time went to airport wearing school uniform.
Its weird right? I'd never seen anyone wearing school uniform to airport before.
Luckily I'm not taking the flight. Haha.

Wednesday skipped school.
Stay home with elder sister, JieyiPinkabell.
In the afternoon, we take cab to Taman Megah for Badminton.
With Peyrong and Suet Yen, they came from school.
They changed clothes in school so me and my sister were waiting at the badminton court.
There's something really feel stupid of me.
Me and my sister went in the court and willing to play badminton first while waiting them.
That time we have no shuttlecock so I went to buy one for RM4.
When I went in the court again, we found so many shuttlecock on the floor!
OMG, we are so stupid. We did not think of it.
Theres always many shuttlecock left on the floor. Ish.
Wasted my RM4!! Argghhhhh!
After playing, Jie's boyfriend fetch us to Old Town for lunch.
I did not order any food and only a glass of Lemon Pepsi.
You know thats a bad habit, drink soft drink after sport. Its not good for health!
After drinking only I realize I shouldn't drink it. That was too late!
At the night, I felt so uncomfortable.
Suddenly came headache, and no medicine for me!
So I've been crazy for a moment then asked Grandma for massage head.
And use the ice thing for cool th head, then sis found medicine for me and only I feel better.
Then went asleep. D:

So Thursday which means yesterday, I went to school because I promised Suet Yen to go.
She gave me back my exam papers, Add Maths and English.
My Add Maths passed around 50 marks but haven't reached there.
And my English was sucky! I have no idea why my English did not improve.
It just 61 for my English! OMG, I really have to work very hard on it.
I can say it was a boring day!
I haven't got my Accounts actual mark yet. I just got the paper 1(not good).
Then went home was so boring because no online.
Mom changed the line memory to 4mg so have to cut down the line for a week.
I hope today was the last day.

I'm now @ McDonald, Section 14 for Wi-Fi.
Using mom's laptop, mom went Thailand today!
I couldn't go to airport with her, KLIA!!
It been a long time din't go KLIA, I always went to LCCT. 
LCCT is not good like KLIA, the air-conditional was not cold!
Its like no different from outside.
I thought Airport will be very cold but wasn't in LCCT.
So now I'm continue using the line and end here.

Spicy Shakey Fries!! <3

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