FAQ Section..
*Updated 2014*

1. When did you started blog?
Since 2008.

2. How old are you? 
I'm born in 1993, so you calculate according the current year !

3. Why did you started a blog?
First, I influenced by my elder sister, and feeling excited of it so I start off and now (2013) I wanted to share my stories in the blog and I think it's the best way to share it when you need to share it out.

4. What is your blog about?
Majority is about my personal life and opinions/sharing. Sometimes if there's some attractive foods, places, fashions, people, bloggers, events, travels & birthdays will be posted up here.

5. How often do you blog?
Hmm, this is really good question. Bloggers always have specific time or days to blog about something but for me, I will blog when I feel like blogging *lol*. Mostly is when I have special events & incidents (:

6. Who is your favorite blogger?
There's no most loved but I always a super reader of Bobo, Cheesie, Chuckei & Daphne. You can refer to the bloggers sidebar that I followed.

7. Did you ever think of being a famous blogger? 
A-Hahah! Actually I really thought of when I first know about the blogger - Cheesie since 2012. I feel that it was a good experience about blogging as a full time job. But I don't really blog much and I'm kind of lazy-type person so I will just blog as a hobby, maybe? And yeah, I wish to keep some privacy from the networks. teehee!

8. What are you working as? *Update 2013*
I took on Diploma in Interior Design and graduate on 2014. You may find me a Junior Interior Designer and I could help you to design.

9. What is your hobby?  *Update 2014*
(When no classes) I usually will hang around the internet, reading blogs of others, joining contests in facebook/ instagram/ nuffnang/ churpchurp& etc, sketch some drafts, drawings & learning from youtube/google, watch dramas, online shopping, clean or keep the room, learn some new recipe to cook myself (simple one), outing with friends, I think that's all.
When have classes, usually I very very tired and lazy, so only doing assignments, watch some videos and sleep, that's all. So much different right?

10. Describe a little bit about yourself.
Well, just a sentence you will know it. I'm simple and happy. Don't expect too much. (:
"Just stay as happy as you can and don't think or stress with unnecessary things to keep your life easier. Smile always"

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