Cash! $$

4:49:00 PM

I need cash, or an unlimited credit card !
I wanna buy a lot of things, clothes, shoes and more..
I saw many beautiful clothes on the web.
If I could get all, thats good.
But I'm lacking of money, I can't buy as many as I want.
Aunt is going to buy me and younger sis a cute shoe.
It's not high heels because mom don't allow.
I got to many already! Argh.
But I don't wear it everyday, not like my sister.
She really wear it everyday when go to college sometimes.
But now she seldom wear it, I think she couldn't tahan maybe?

Also, I want to cut my hair after spm maybe or after next week.
I wanna change hairstyle but most of them advice to not change.
They said my long hair is nicer than short hair.
Means that I'm not suitable for short hair, maybe?
Exactly, I look fat when short hair.

This is one of the hairstyle I wanna change to. 
But my face shape is not that sharp and V so I can't do this.

So found this.
I don't want the fringe like this.
I want the back hair only.
But most of my friends said its not suitable also.
Because of my face shape again!

Lastly, I choose this front hair (fringe).
Is that suitable ?
I dont want a long fringe again.
But I scare I cut already it will look ugly.. D:

So have to head over and look/search again.
I want a suitable fringe but must suite my type.
I think I better go keep fit and sharpen my face shape.
HAHA, did you call it as "sharpen" the face shape?
Okay, I know that my english is not good as you all.
So don't laugh at me larh, Im hurt.

Hmm, That's all for today. 
I need money to be a beautiful girl! :D

*pictures from internet shop*

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