Exams week.

10:40:00 PM

Actually today I don't have any exams but I went to school.
In the class only 3 lil girls ,that was me, Mas and Peyrong.
3 of us do accounts in the library.
A big class only 3 of us will be very empty.
and we did not want to study in the class like this.
So we decided to go to Library .
I got my History and Science marks.
It was so terrible!
Especially History, I got only 14% overall!
How weak am I?! 
I know you wont believe it but this is the truth.
"don't judge a book by its cover"
Everyone thought Im a very smart girl but that is just my outlook.
The true me is a kind of stubborn type.
Super duper weak in History because my memory weak and not interested in that subject.

However, today we did only one question of Account.
That is Document, the paper 2 question 1.
See, how slow are us?
Actually we talk more and ask why is that and how is that..
Among 3 of us, the worst was me.
But when doing the Imbangan Duga, 1st time I can't imbang because writing at the wrong column.
2nd time, I did it.
But.. both of them couldn't. They taught me but they didn't wrote down.
Haha, funny right? This is the mistake when u teach other people and u also doing it.
But quite happy, I did it by learning from them.
So I'm going to school tomorrow too!
Do accounts, yeah!! I gotta and wanna pass it at least 50%.

Love love love.
Finalllleehhh!! I have give up thinking of LOVE right now.
I know I still got a lil bit feeling but I want to keep it. (:
So don't love me right now!
Let me concentrate in exams first.

Good Luck ! Good Luck !

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