You never know.

8:36:00 PM

It was a beautiful morning full of tips.
Walking straight and confidently.
Everyone have a sweet smile,
Start the tips and AH!
"OMG" Its school paper and not JPS paper!
It was tricky! The teachers know that we have the tips and changed to school paper.
They don't want us to cheat, yes I know.
But we did not exactly cheat.
We just have some tips but we dono that is correct or not.
Argh, once think of it, I'm mad!
I read many chapters, exams came and I forget everything!
Is this considered memory bad or nervous?
I know that my brain nowaday works very slow.
Why is the god treating me like this?
I know there's no perfect but I just want to be better.

I don't have a beautiful face as the singers or plastic-surgery-people.
But I just want a smart brain or even a good memory.
I'm not sure is this because of the accident happened when I'm kid.
I remembered parents told me that I always fall to the ground when Im child.
And got an accident that causes my head curve in.
I can't feel the pain, but I know there is a curve.
Why other people have better things or "goodness" of themselves.
But I do not have much goodness, I got more weakness.
I feel really upset and useless now!
People can memorize things well but I couldn't. 
I can easily forget what I just memorize before the 5 second.
Is there any ways to help me up?

Well, left 3 subjects next week.
Just have to study well in Economics and Chinese.
Still have to revise and practice Accounts.
My accounts is really weak because I din't go for any tuition.
And I don't think now still can go for tuition, it's too late.
So the only way is to study myself and try to practice as much as I can.
After that, I'm free and no-stress.
Then have 1 week holiday then SPM start.
After SPM, I'm really free! I don't need to go to school.
The school is called College after that.
Say YAY with me after that!! :D

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