[FOOD & TRAVEL] Karmakamet Diner @ Bangkok

4:23:00 PM

Karmakamet Diner

Metheenivet, Klongton, Klongtoey, 
30 Soi 1, Khwaeng Ram Inthra, Khet Khan Na Yao, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon,
Bangkok 10230, Thailand.

Contact: +66 2 262 0700 

Business Hour: 
10am - 11.30pm (Everyday)


This is really a late post, I'm so sorry to my readers and it gonna be outdated soon!
I have to get in touch and keep updating my blog as it's too dead!

Alright, I went to Bangkok previously, it's almost few months ago, before CNY!
I went to one of the hidden cafe which also selling a lot of essences, candles, perfume, medical oil and etc... 

It's located behind the EM District, not exactly saying that it's hiding but if you could find EM District, you just walk straight behind the building and you will see Karmakamet Diner's logo sign! 
You can actually search the location before you go, that's better for you. 
But, mostly depend on the taxi driver or your private driver.

After we seen the logo and walk into a small alley and head straight to the end you will see a house like this, it's so natural. It looks like a garden and you will smell greens...
*you might smell smelly stuffs if you take a big breathe, haha*

I dont know, some people might dislike these concept.
People might feel dirty? or.. insects everywhere? or anything else, i don't know!
But I can say that this is my all-time favorite's concept cafe.
I like natural, the greenery good for my eyes and my health too, the neutral colours - brown, grey, black is so simple and relaxing. 
You don't feel stress when you dine in this cafe, it wont be lots of people and making huge noises. 
Take a coffee, take a look, walk around, feel the green, stay relax!

I don't know what's the plants are named but this is just simple nice!

Standing in front of the entrance and look the right, the scenery is like you gonna have tons of selfie, or personal portrait or landscape photography! The natural light is the best for photography! I love it so much and I don't need much edit or even a good quality camera!

Here you go, the big big entrance of the cafe, you can shop before dining! (:

Stepping in front the entrance, what you should know, is what you gonna believe!
That's a good quote with my white Nike shoe! hehe..

Open sesame! Tadaa, they bring the greenery into the interior, wood planks, stain steel pot, hemp bags.. its' so acoustic and vintage too!

Glass bottles makes things completely feel perfect!

Look, the ceiling filled with all the plants or grass or whatever it is, it's kind of 'Kampung' style if you would ask me to describe a word.

I dont know what is this called but I know it's gonna be something related to machine, right? 

This is a list of what they sell, before you get into their shop! Good information for shoppers!

Do you feel like Melaka ? Melaka is located in Malaysia, one of the state.
It's all about Nyonya style and vintage history. 
So this is the feel when I first step in Karmakamet.

The products displayed opposite the cashier, take a look!

When you feel crazy in the shop and you dont know what to buy or what to see first, take a seat and calm down, relax your mind and GO! haha..

Candles, the fragrance candles... lots of choices you can choose!

This is sonice smell but not all, depends on your taste! The perfume extract.

Their decorations is attractive, I'm just in love all the bottles, decor, smells and designs!

Look, look! This is so pretty, I'm a typical city girl, when I saw all these leaves or grass or plants, I feel that's beautiful and I love greenery too! Feeling so fresh~

Don't always think that vintage is means old for old people, your grandma or grandpa.. It's always a trend, a design, a concept, a place where you feel so historical and comfortable!

This is just a decor, it might be changed when you visit now. Because photos were taken few months ago from this post's date! So Sorry!

Nah nah, more for you to choose!! OMG!!

Do you feel like you need a rest before choosing which to buy? Haha

Oh! Oh!, I bought this!! Not all haha, it depends on what your needs. 
This is a medical oil, for body aches, or any sickness of different bottles. I got the one is the red and the green one, one of it was for the Premenstrual Stress, it somehow works on me, you can try!

The bottles are so so nice, I don't know what so nice but I just in love with it!

Its also comes with a packaging, its so pretty!

I think you can choose the packaging if you want to? or maybe it's according what u buy.

Alright, get into the cafe, the interior is just same as the shop!
Steel rack ceiling, glass bottles on rack, bricks wall, wooden chairs and tables, cement flooring.
It's all raw, it's something like M Boutique on my previous blog post!

They make used of their glass bottles for decorations and even as a divider.

Counter with bar chairs, like a little coffee bar.

Beautiful and fresh flowers decorations on each tables, it's fake.

My purchase and I like the quality of the paper bags! <3 p="">

Wooden stain chair with solid surface table top.

They also provide outdoor seating area, for smokers or maybe you love the outdoor more than the indoor. The wooden planks on the wall with all the plants it's just exactly like a garden!

It looks simple yet, comfortable.

This will be a better choice for people who likes outdoor and you can have more comfortable seatings! 

It's look so DIY, but isn't it real or fake? It's real, i think because it Thailand also a tropical country, they need more fans!

I told ya, I gotta have lots of garden photography but I don't look really good so I will only expose one of my photo!

Now, the table decorations. 
On every table of each seat, you will have one piece of paper like this. I don't treat it as a table cloth or anything, I will not make it dirty because they are so creative!

They used the envelope for the cup coaster.

Tissue papers are so good quality!

Food comes! This is one of the delicious dessert in the cafe too. I don't remember the name of this cake, it's something like lava but the ice cream taste differently and not everyone would like it.

The top view of the cake. Its not mistaken, it should be berries what what cake. HAHA

Tadaaaa, the famous and signature dessert of the cafe! The strawberry in the clouds!
You can just tell them the signature cotton candy dessert, they will know.

It's real cotton candy, and it's so huge, how are we gonna finish it.
It taste sweet and sweet lo~ haha

So on the bottom of the cotton candy, its all strawberries and strawberry ice cream, it's like raspberry and cookies. I can't tell or give comment of the taste, everyone have their own taste and I don't really in love with ice cream so I feel just so-so.

But FYI, desserts are not cheap. (:   

Yeah, done ! I din't order much because I'm not a dessert lover but I can tell is you may try if you travel to Bangkok! (:

Alright, done for everything about Karmakamet, not much but photos more. 
I just in love with the designs and decorations. 
Other than that, I can't really give comment because desserts are not my favorite and candles or essences not my favorites too! 

Overall, this is a good concept that you have cafe and shop together, so you can buy or you can dine in too with the comfortable environment and one of the yumcha place too. 

Hope I do helped you guys of reviewing the cafe & all the photos taken by me. Hope you enjoy my blog post after so long. (:

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