[Food] After You Dessert Cafe @ Bangkok

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[Dessert cafe in Bangkok, Thailand]

Here's a cafe that highly recommend when you travel to Bangkok
There's a lot of cafe newly opened in Bangkok compared to few years ago.
It could be a normal cafe, what so different? 
Cafe nowaday is a trend, sometimes it really chilling in a cafe with comfortable and simple designs. 

There is also a legend saying that "you never been to Bangkok until you try After You Desserts." 
For what I think is, this is one the cafe you CAN try, but doesn't mean that you must try, there are more cafe in Bangkok but After You is one of the most branches cafe in Bangkok. 
It's mainly for desserts, not heavy lunch ok?

You can see from the picture the concept design is simple and common, raw bricks, wooden tables and chairs, white and brown, track light and pendant light, flat ceilings and kind like structural design. One thing you will fully enjoy in the cafe is they allow sunlight into the interior that you won't feel any hot of it! The glass is tinted, prevent heat from sunlight and you can enjoy the little green view from outside, at least it's not all closed and you feel compact. 

It's actually a shopping mall next to it and the atmosphere similar to Korea street.

They do sell some tip bits and clothing I think is for display, T shirts and apron. It has a little bit of Zakka style, pretty natural wooden feel. 

This is what girls always say! "There's always room for dessert" Haha

Well, the desserts are really nice that it wont disappoint you. The highly recommended one was the Japanese style honey toast that I din't manage to try, I think I will try it during the next trip to Thailand.

There's lot of desserts and flavors you can pick from the menu. For lady like me, hard to make decision of which to pick according the mood of the day, I really can't choose what to eat and I want to try a lot of desserts!

Pretty waiter! :D

There are some tip bits that dressed so tidy and pretty that you should try! Yumms~

Flowers decoration and name cards prepared on the table.

The lava is really taste nice but compare to KL here, the lava is a bit too small for the price, it's chocolate lava. But, we change our point of view, we paid 165 Thai Baht for the environment! 

I ordered the Mocchacino Frappe, it taste like chocolate with macchiato, sweet enough for moody girl. This cost like 145 Thai Baht.

Okay, this is one of the dessert that I dont eat when it match with Banana.
It might taste very nice to you all but I really don't eat banana in meal or desserts. 
I can only take the fresh banana like what monkey eat! (:

The Banana Crumble, it taste really very nice with the ice cream, the cookies toppings were so crunchy and the ice cream was my favourite too! The information I got from my aunt, she eats all of this! Haha. 

Btw, it cost 165 Thai Baht as well, same as the Lava. 
There's several flavor for this crumble, so if you are the person same as me, then choose others! 

I have no idea why, Milk tea is also a drink that quite popular in Bangkok. 
This called Royal Thai Milk Tea, for only 95 Thai Baht. 

Old man's favourite! Hot cappuccino, I don't really know how it taste and how much is it because irs ordered by my aunt's friend father. Hahaha.. and I forgotten to check the price as well.

There are few branches After You Cafe around Bangkok, you may refer to their facebook!

I went to Siam Square One, next to Kland shopping mall. (if not mistaken)
You can take the MRT (BTS Siam Station) to the location. it can be access to Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, MBK center.


Got the map from their website.
It open daily from 12pm to late night. So please don't visit it in the morning!

Before this, I went to a Thai restaurant for lunch then After You for dessert. 
It's called Sontam! One of the restaurant you should try in Siam Square! Post will be update next!

Stay tuned! ♥

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