[Travel] A date with Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe, Switzerland

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In October 2015, I've finally achieved one of my travel destination!
I never thought I'd travel to this country before my retirement! 
This trip was unforgettable and amazing experience!
I've been to Switzerland, this place is one of the top country that many rich people have been travelled to.
And Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe!
The railway station is the highest and longest in Europe, it's located 3,454 meters above sea level.
I've got the information from the tour leader and also the website as well.

I've experienced the tour in the top of Europe
The train is amazing, it had to travel a lot of tourists all the way to the top of the mountain.
The railway station is super slanting along the mountain.
As you can search in google of how is the train look like.
The climate of the Jungfrau is winter, we've got to experience the snow, ice and the rock.
It's cold on top but we are so close to the Sun!
There's many attractions at the mountain, shops and restaurants.

So where did I get to take the train up to the mountain?
You got to be arriving at Interlaken to buy tickets and you can book the tour at the website.

There's one or two restaurant at the mountain, if I'm not mistaken.
I went to the Gletscher Restaurant. 
Foods are nice, but I love the ice cream a lot!

So let's the picture do the talking, scroll down for more amazing photos! (:

I stayed in Interlaken for 2 days, then the next day morning I headed to the railway station.
That day was raining and the weather was so cold and windy! 

The beautiful signature lakes in Interlaken 

The railway station is from Grindelwald Grund station to Kleine Scheidegg station for toilet stop for 15 minutes then head up to Jungfraujoch the Top of Europe, after that heading back to Kleine Scheidegg and Lauierbrunnen station back to Interlaken.

This is when we are almost top of the mountain and it's snow everywhere.

We stopped at the Kleine Scheidegg station for toilet stop and resting for 15 minutes and it will start heading to Jungfraujoch. 

This is how it looks like at the railway station in the cave.

The beautiful view of the residents on the mountain at Switzerland, I took this while I'm on the way up to the Jungfraujoch in the train. 

Further up to the mountain and soon you will see pure white scenery during the winter!

& here comes all the selfies and group photos in the train!

My mom (In the middle), thanks for bringing me to this trip! I really enjoyed this trip!

Specially thanks to my aunt (in the middle) that giving me this opportunity to experienced Switzerland!

& my sister! Bell Chia, follow her blog too! hehe! Thanks for inspiring me on starting blogs and all the experiences you shared to me! 

When you've arrived the mountain, you will able to find the map of the mountain and you can start discovering the mountain and take photos, there's souvenirs shop as well!

I've lost a few photos I took for my lunch in Jungfrau and this is the map where they explain about Jungfraujoch! You can actually find this in their website as well.

Start my photo sessions on the mountain! 

That was my first time seeing all the snow on the mountains! 
The sun was shinning us but the wind is cooling us & you feel the weather is just nice!

& a little small tips, make sure you wear a comfortable and suitable pairs of shoe up! 
You might get wet or slippery somehow and it takes a lot of walking too! 

A perfect scene that you must capture with the sun and the beautiful pure white snowy mountain!

My mom and I trying to be excited in the photos! But, I'm really excited!

& remember to bring along your sunglasses as well, because the mountain is so high and you are so near to the sun, your eyes might hurt or maybe you can open your eyes while taking photos! Haha

Yes, selfie time! When everyone were so busy taking photos and nobody take photos for you so selfie is booming! 

You can walk around and experience the Ice Palace and this is the Alpine Sensation where it is a 250-metre long adventure tour at Jungfraujoch.

The tour tells about the history of Jungfrau Railway.

This picture is a giant snow ball of the land of the Switzerland and the Mountain.

This is the Jungfrau Panorama where we can experience the journey through the Alpine and you will be immersed the ice, snow, rocks and clouds.

The rock in the cave to tell the memory of the past of the injured workers of constructing the Jungfraujoch.

& here comes the Ice Palace, 

& here comes to the end of the episode. Pictures lost some and I dont know why, I might be accidentally deleted on phone or camera and did not sync to the laptop.

You may refer tot he website for more information and you can look for some travel agency or maybe me and I will direct you to my mom (she is a travel agency previously).

Among the Europe trip I went, this is the best part of my life right now!  
Jungfraujoch is a place that really worth to spend and you can bring along your plus one to enjoy together sweet sweet! Hehe.

I will update my other Europe trip next time & recall back what I've done! 
Thanks for patience and reading my blog! 
Have a nice day! Start planning your trip to Jungfraujoch for honeymoon or any vacations!

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