[Life] Greeting to June!

4:00:00 PM

Annyeong ! As everyone know what does it mean, lol. 

It's beginning of June, think what have you done for 2014? Did you? 

Honestly, I don't think I have beside graduating of my Diploma in January & Convocation on April. What else have I done so far? I have only worked for a month & now I'm unemployed, supposed to go for trip today which is 3rd of June due to some reason I'm unable to travel.

I'm just feeling a bit useless for temporarily or maybe just until mid of June. I'm gonna be busy after that!! Yes, I will. Prefer busy life than too free that makes me super lazy to do anything! Alright, maybe it's only for me, I guess many people are busy now & blah blah blah. Good Luck la, then.

Been spending a lot of money on Internet shopping, hope after that not too much because its really will make me became a big spender! No way! I always said I'm the one who save a lot of money & don't use it so much or simply buying stuffs but ended I'm the person, wth!

Paradigm have the Japan food event in the mall in front of Poh Kong. There's a lot I wanted to buy and they have super sales! Not super, I think. Just sale. Haha. 

& I bought these 4 sticks biscuits because it is super nice!!! I love it. My mom always bought it back when she went to Japan but now I wish to go Japan myself. Hope I can earn myself & go myself or maybe earn more to bring parents along.. I really have to work harder for my dream, my target & my future!! No fool, seriously, prices are increasing & you can't survive without monthly income! Aiks. 

This selfie focused wrongly !! Not to show off the camera but seriously its not bad la, Sony is always nice and more classy~ But for me, a camera dummie is a waste Haha, I just got taught by my friend's friend & now became my friend too. LOL. I forget the name again, he is a photographer. Not bad huh.. 

Woops, this selfie took on the last day of May & I din't manage to update it on time so just on blog first. Teehee, my friend been asking me to upload in FB but I'm seriously super lazy !! 

& I attended my secondary school mate's birthday BBQ party at his house. These are the pictures I took with some of the old friends but all guys. LOL. Actually can just ignore me, I don't look that good in the picture but I like it. DON'T JUDGE ME! I'm just a little confident~ 

Did you feel that they take pictures with me like scared of me, did you feel that?? Did you?? FYI, I was sweating therefore I got messy hair & red chick. 

E-hmm, that's all. I just wanna express feelings here, not much. Gambateh!! ^^

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