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Let's talk about fashion today. Nah, I'm not a fashionista but I love fashion a lot! Any styles, any patterns, any prints or whatever is it, that is super super attract me! Since I was young, I dreamed of being a fashion designer before, I like gowns, blinks, windy gowns, evening gown and etc.. I will sketch some of my favorite sometimes but don't know when I stop it.

Before entering the ID course, my parents asked me once before about taking Fashion course. I really thought of going it but in another way, I think of interior design again. That's contradiction x100! There's uncountable explanation about how much I love it, fashion design, interior design or whatever related to DESIGN!

Alright, I'm just to share my feelings here and as a gallery of what my current favorites.

I found the brand Elie Saab, a man, his name called Elie Saab. If I'm not mistaken, that should be right. He is the founder but I think there's more designers in it too, to help out. I like their Haute Couture's design for the Spring & Summer series for 2014.

*photos from Google*

First, watch the Fashion Show on YOUTUBE! OMG, I wish I would be there, if I'm able to attend. *.*

Nah, nah... It's super super my style! LOL. Not my design la but that's what I in love with! *Faint*

It's not totally all but the style for this Spring & Summer is super me! Kind of Frozen's style. Lol. You know? The Elsa's dress.

 Omg, it looks so elegant, the windy dresses are so beautiful, translucent dresses makes mysterious yet comfy & feminine, the blinks or sparkling on the gowns is so couture, noble & attractive, it catch my attention when blinks come over me, ah ah ah !! It's so pretty! I love it. 

Perhaps, my style is not that old, this is the trend that makes people feel young! Do you like it too?

Let's start! 

 Blush, Round Neck, Fully embroidered lace long dress, Applique flowers

*p/s: love the colorful black long dress. Like beautiful fishy or mermaid.*

Awwwwwwwesome! That's too much for me to post and so far I think these would be the best. Aiksss~ I love it. Can I have a touch of it? Oh No, I want to wear it!!!! Aiks..

After seeing it, you would be able to know what I'm trying to say & my styles. Osh, I wish I could be there. 

You actually can find all those pictures in Google and their website.

I support this, seriously ! I do! 

Okay, I'm not going to dream it anymore. I'm here for reality. ): Hmm, I will be updating the Thailand trip that my sister, mom & aunt went for pre-wedding photoshoot. I missed it but it's alright. 

Good Night.


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