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Just wanna have a short blog post here today.

I really really experience truly about bring a baby-going-to-1-yr-old out for shopping or market.
It seriously like killing me off, I have no idea why baby always so active or maybe hyperactive? But it's okay, as long as he is cute that's enough for me. Lol.
Yeah, I went to the market today with my grandma and the baby - Stavyn. I drove today! OMG, I drove my grandma?? 
Everyone would say no way to fetching grandma because they will very "gan jiong" while you're driving. But luckily, today she did not say anything about it and just talk to the baby.
Actually with another guy also, he's Theo, he supposingly called Cleo but it looks like a girl's name and he changed to Theo. Okay wert. Theo is a nice name thou.
Yup, he went to the market together with us. Helped to take care of the baby and carry things or maybe push the trolley. Haha, a 阿四 , sorry*
We had the Penang Curry Mee and Cendol is super nice, I like it. (: 
But not the Cendol, I don't eat Cendol actually. Haha!

Nah, I found this from other blogger, I went to this restaurant. 
The Penang white curry mee (RM7.90), I think it's worth to spend it!>
So baby photos here you go...


 Photos quality is not good, and blur. ):

Not forgetting this this this ! I accidentally saw this poster inside the Ben's market, Publika.
I really feel interested in learning such foods' recipe they provided. It's located all the way inside the market, in front of S.Wine cafe
It looks good and interested in the photo they shown. OMG, Should I go for it? Each classes have to pay around RM100 and above. ~.~


It's only til May. Ahhh, I'm scratching my head and thinking again and again. =.=

Hold ON !!

Another Update, 
I'm currently in love with online shopping @TopTownShop 
They had in Instagram, Facebook and their own website. 
Their style is Japan style but they do have import korean style's clothing and shoes. I'm really in love with it.
I'm gonna buy something there soon but please control! Lol.

This super cute Ballerina shoe.....!!!
Ballerina Cross Platform shoe

Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Boot
It has sale now ! For this, only RM49.00 !! 

And this New Arrival, Korean Import Casual Sport Shoe. I'm so in love with this~~

I'm gonna work hard and buy lots of item from the shop. So inspired~! ♥♥♥♥♥

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