[Event] Mother's Day

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Konichiwa!! It's a very direct blog post today about Mother's Day! This will be a photos-more-than-words post. Haha!

Let's begin. We usually had a normal dinner with Mom, Grandma(s) &Aunts. For this year celebrate with my lovely mom & youngest Aunt (Wendy). I mean a special dinner outside lah. I had not prepared any presents for mommy. Lol.

It's a Chinese cuisine restaurant, it's small shop but food's taste is nice and the atmosphere is suitable. (: To find the location, can just Waze it and it brings you to the road and parking there is okay too. Google for the restaurant outlook.

We did not order much dishes because we don't eat that much and we just wanna have a try. Food portion is not that big but it's full enough.

CWZJ Cuisine (茶王之家)
8, Jalan 11/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan KL.

03-7981 8714 (call for booking!)

The Steam prawn. with the sauce below. *I did not note down the food name so I dont know what its called*


Nah, The sauce is super nice for me, consists of red chili which not spicy in it and ginger slice. It can be mix with other foods too like fishes and etc.

The fried egg. I'm so forgetful to write down what is the name of this. haha, consist of Egg, small prawns, green onions.

The pumpkin sauce Toufu with meat on top. Tasty and sweet (not as sweet as what you think la), Normal sweet, suitable for old people too.

It's Cod fish, right?? Haha, I think so. Two ways cook, steam and fried. Delicious! 

Guess what?

Taadaahh! The most famous rice in the restaurant and we waited until all our dishes are finish the rice only arrive. Pheww. 

I don know whether it's call cracklings or not, in mandarin was 猪油渣 with rice. You are asked to mixed with the green onions, soy sauce & oil of the crackling. 

Ah ha! The time of crab, this is the Salted Egg Crab, I know the name of this because I'm CRAB LOVER! I think mostly all the types of crab I ate before, seriously! They cooked this differently from outside that the salted egg is more dry and this is nice too, not bad not bad. This is call "Bread Crab" It is like Bread size and the look. VERY BIG! It's 1Kg+ (Price range calculate from KG)

This is nice nice nice! They used to call the Signature crab, if not mistaken. It cooked with the Garlic. I did not heard properly for the name of the crab, so I dont know what this call actually. Haihs, failure.

So here comes the room design. Simple la. We booked a room to have more privacy & outside is more narrow space.

I like flowers like that, it looks bright and fresh~

Mirror on the wall is for SELFIE! Right behind my seat. There's 3 portrait mirror on the wall.
Bag from H&M Singapore.

Front camera is the best for Selfie lo!!!! Love it.

Here's another mirror. Selfie with little sis and elder sister natural gossip look! *Ops*

Is my outlook sweet enough for Mother's Day? Tiffany Blue shirt from Amos, D'sara Uptown & Heels from Charles & Keith.

Trying to have thin legs. LOL.

The lighting of shining my legs is nice but not my face. LOL.

When I stand, I look so short. My lil sister keep photo-boom me!

A closer look to the heels, I love this super super MUCH!! 

Okay, done with the day on Sunday.
I went to another Mother's Day celebration with mom's mom at Klang.
Chinese cuisine again because we are chinese ma, our mommy love chinese foods Haha.

Grand Imperial Restaurant (喜粤海鲜酒家) - Casa Klang
Level 9, No.39-A, Block A/ KU01,
Bukit Diraja, Jalan Meru,
41050 Klang, Selangor.

03-3345 2118

This time I did not take any food pictures because the kids were toooooo hungry to eat it speedly that I can't even have a little pictures. I went to this restaurant during the Chinese New Year too. Whenever dinner or lunch with mom's side family, I have lesser chances to take food photos. ): For Your Info, food there is nice too.
But, I took selfie!! Hahahaha!!!

Not sweet look but trendy styles to match my new shoe look!! And tied up my hair so I look more tidy. Hehe! No edit, no added effect - All original from the camera with Auto mode. #Sony

I like the shoe with the pants! Taken from iPhone5.

Almost whole body outfit from Internet Shopping! OMG, in love with all. Not forgetting watch from Valentine Present, Casio Edifice!!

Selfie for whole body in the market, LOL. 

Ignore my fatty legs! Teehee!

Taadaaahh!! I bought this from +TopTownShop for the Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. Will be posting another pair soon.

I like this kind of boots that brings elegant to me! Thanks TopTownShop

So this is all about my Mother's Day. 
Happy Belated Mother's Day again mommy!!! 

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