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Try to see and solve the problems in different angles, then you will not suffer and stress for everything. You may have your own opinion and personality but sometimes, you can try to see things in different angle then you will find that it's much better than what you thought. I'm a person which can see things in a lot of angles but this is also my weakness because I will think a lot before making action. "Should, or Shouldn't I do it?" Everyone may face a lot of problems and they have their own ways to solve it. But, think of another angle; How if you have a problems that you can't even make decisions and it have both advantages and disadvantages? That's what my topic is about today.
Just wish to know what's actually people nowadays are thinking. I just can't understand them when they make such a decisions or action that I can't accept it. 
I know, it's not my business, what for I've been so stress of figuring it out? Yes, we have curiosity and we wan't to know more if there is no harm. 
I'm always regret after making a serious action but it's not harmful but I will be suffering in it. I can't give an example on it but seriously why do we being like this? Is it that life is tough so we have to face everything, no matter what?  

No, don't misunderstand what I'm feeling now. I'm not suffering or stress of something else related. I'm just want to know why? There's a lot of "WHY" in my heart or brain. 
LALALA, I'm always happy girl and I don't face big problem like what the adult's facing outside the big world. I feel like I'm a little girl that I don't understand much about things outside the world.

There's a guy that always think everything only in his own angle. He did not ever feel of other's feeling or maybe just not asking people to listen to him. It's actually hard for me to explain about this guy.
He is good but he lose in his attitude. 
He know what he is doing and he thinks he know a lot and he able to handle everything.
Seriously, he can be real man if he don't have such attitude. Everything is all about his attitude that makes him stress out and suffer all the time. 
He don't know about it, I think? He always say he has to think a lot a lot like a stack of thousand pages' books. He can choose to not thinking it actually. Everyone is able to choose your own decision yourself without asking anyone permission.
I know sometimes you just can't control and you will think it. But, why not think in another angle? If that you can choose to not thinking and stressing about it, why not to choose to go happy and stop bother about it??

I know what you would be thinking now; "who you think you are you can talk so much about this and do you have experience and how much you know about the world?" 
I'm not thinking I'm smart or anything. 

I just want to tell that you can choose your own path in your life and not wait for the god to lead you, or maybe not.
Even I'm venting here he might not know its him or maybe he don't read my blog at all. I just need a place to speak out if even just typing.. 

The another news I want to announce is I'm now a jobless girl. I quit the company myself. Reason not because of the company not good or anything.
It's all because myself, me.. Currently unable to work for a full time now due to some trips around the corner and other things going on in my house and bla bla bla.
Soon, I'm starting my Degree soon so yeah, no job.

Looking for Part time Interior designer/ 3D visualizer/ 2D drawings and etc that is related to Interior Design.
I will find hard and earn more for my parents that giving me a chance to continue my Degree after spending a lot for my Diploma, my hair, clothes and etc..

If you have any, or your friends or you know anyone do let me know. (: Email or Insta me!

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