[Food] A trip to Tous Les Jours

3:07:00 PM

Hmm, I know I shouldn't have review on this because everyone were posting and reviewed about it already. But, my review today will be special than the others. I will not tell what is good and what is worth and bla bla bla. Later you will know.

I like this video, haha! So no-reason ! People really don't get my mind. Don't mistaken, I don't KPOP and I don't like this guy, if not wrong he is the one who acts in the drama called The Star or something? And it's so whatever for me. Haha. I only like certain actors or singers in Korea but not that crazy like people go to Korea to see their idol.

Alright, should I have a start off about the history of the Cafe again? Oh... so boring ~
Dont need larh !! People can easily find about the TLJ on Facebook, google or their website. 

Neh, the some breads that I this it looks nice. LOL. But most love is Garlic & Croissant.

Hmm, what do people go there so often ? For a tea or coffee?
I just feel that the beverage is cheap and same goes to the bread. Tasty yet cheap. I'm the cheapo la.

My Garlic stick (Rm1.80 only!) and the Cream Puff with the wrong number !! It supposed to be 6 not 9 !! ISH, waited for so long. Aiks. 

My Cafe Latte & Caramel Macchiato.

Mango Yogurt & Sparkling Ade Lemon. 

And, here's my WOLO Egg Benedict. Actually wanted to try the Sandwiches from there but ended I choose this. Lol. No idea why.

I like the concept and we always had students design like that for their works in the college. (:

+603 - 4065 0088 Call for anything ? LOL. 
Like the phone number 0088, haha, nice to pronounce it in Mandarin. 

Overall, I wanted to say is the dislike topic of the TLJ.
People would say that's nice and recommended there, Yes, I will but I also dislike something there!
Guess what I dislike? Actually I'm a very very & super picky person that a lot of dishes or breads or tastes I don't like and people might love it so much. Haha! Weirdo~~

The thing I dislike there but I eat it! LOL. I dislike the Latte, haha~ but when drink it I feel its nice & matches with Caramel Macchiato. Haha, I always drink 2 coffee together, bitter + sweet = Super Sweet! My super super love! I don't know why. But if Latte mixed with chocolate will be the best for me..

The next thing is, I very very afraid of hot and sweat. I don't know why every time I went there I will feel the heat. Yes, there's road to cross to the Cafe but even I chill and calm for like half an hour I don't even feel cool there. I'm feeling so hot there and I don't know is it whether only my problem lah because I can't stand for the hot air & environment. No Outdoor, please!

Lastly, it will be super cute, maybe not? I took a lot of breads bread but out of around 10 breads there I only eat 2 of them (for example). Teehee!! Seriously, people hates me a lot sometimes. You won't like me, I know. ): But I won't change, it's super hard to change my attitude, it's true!

 Then, walk around the Bukit Bintang street & this Lot10 pop-up store for KLFW only until 25th May 2014.

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