[Life] Stay Happy

2:29:00 PM

That was a super full shopping last night with family. We went Timesquare to have a look on my artwork at Starbucks. (:

Just an event organized by Starbucks for us to design the starbucks cups and then they will be display for a 2 weeks time. And of cause we will get our own benefits of helping. So I went to have look at it. (:

After that, we go on for our shopping and we first go to the Taiwan street in Time Square since we have nothing to buy or shop. So we just go for food station. (: 

The food is nice and tasty but expensive. We dint manage to take pictures of all the foods we ordered. We are like hunger, the food came and we just eat eat eat. Haha.

We ate scallops, taiwan sausages, takomayi, and a drink. Sister bought the lychee cute ice cream too. I dont really like la, I dont really like the taste of lychee.

Its a puppy's foot print. 

And I bought my nail polish... So cute and nice. I found something cute, which is the nail polish is fury one~~ So cute, like a cloth.. And I bought a 2 colours and a fury decoration. 

 Nah I applied last night. The furry one and the mixed color nail polish. Haha, I know it's not nice. Please forgive the ugliness but I love it. I bought the blue fury nail decoration.

Previously, I did the 2 tone too but only for a day, just a random test. (: And I found in internet there're more colours of the fury decoration. Nah nah see it!! so nice!

I finally found the piano staircase at TimeSquare!! So fun playing around there, walking up and down. And bottom have the fun stepping stuff too.

People were steeping it around, so funny. Even the old people haha !! 

And lastly here to end my blog post, pictures of my colleagues. Thanks a lot for the practical training there, they thought me lots, really! And they are fun, they were my funny and friendly malay friends. I seldom have malay friends like them, could chat anything and playing a round! Gonna miss you all!!

P/s: Sorry for Hafeeq, there was a guy too but he was holding the camera so he was not in the picture. I'm sorry the only group pic I have that day.

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