Full trip

12:08:00 AM

I'm again to post about a "day trip".
Hmm, yeap. I went out on Friday because it's no class, free day !! Seems like soooo free, but actually not.
Assignments were on the side.. lols. You will feel that I went to somewhere else.
I'm not actually, I went to Sri Petaling KL.

I took LRT from college, Taman Jaya station. Weather is freaking killing me!! Luckily we got the umbrella, the pink one! Haha. We almost take the whole route of LRT from the beginning to the end. Haha, wonder why? Let's check it out larh!! 


As I mention above, Taman Jaya first. Then, straight to Masjid Jamed, sounds like a mosque. =='' I have no idea why so many people in the country taking LRT. It's going to jam by the way. I mean like stuck in LRT, we couldn't get a place to sit and yeah.. du du du.. *in the lrt* 

yes yes !! From the Masjid Jamed station ... we looked for the exit to... ? Where you think? Haha, my first time ever! Taking Ampang Line LRT. We were stupid, we bought the token to Masjid Jamed only, but actually can straight to where we want as Sri Petaling. Considering the last station of the ampang line LRT.
So, of cause we bought token again. First time ma, nothing one. teehhee. 

The LRT is like.. Half LRT(kelanajayaline) and half KTM. haha. What's that? It looks square, inside is cold like normal lrt, the exterior is like lrt too, the seat are made of steel. Thats all. But, for me, it's so brand new!! You know like those kampung girl, hahah!! 

We stop at Chan Sow Lin station. The sounds like my full name. OMG, my love one was like keep repeating it. Ish, you know that's not my name, it's only a little alike as mine. ^^ We stop at this station because we din know there is two way. (as you see in the picture) Then, we wait for the next train again. 
At the time, the route board was there and I was looking it for something like a moment, an aunty came forward and ask me where am I looking for. Haha, I know where I should go and which train should I take.
The aunty was good, she told us how the train work. Cool la. I have no idea how to explain here, it's just soooooooo different! Cool. 
*kampung girl's reaction*

Finally, we reached Sri Petaling. It used like an hour from the beginning, maybe? I was sleeping in the train, so yeah I don't really remember. xD
The stupiest moment here!! We forget the place where we want to go for clearance stock sales!!!! 
Nobody to ask, stay at the lrt station for a while..
Then went like a big round from carrefour to a hotel. The hotel name was.. Sri Petaling Hotel. =='' OMG, it's so easy but both of us forgot about it!! Ish, stupid right? Went Carrefour for INTERNET!! lols. 

Went for the sales and then back? Yup. Back to LRT station. We are crazy huh? Yes, we do. Haha.
Another crazy thing was, we went back to Sunway Pyramid !!!
Taking LRT back to Kelana Jaya station from Sri Petaling!! OMGGGGGG~~
Its like long distance !!! OMG~! Went there for saloon and buying stuffs. Hehe. 
Then back.

I din really write all about the day, but these are the main incident happened!! Stupiest day and happiest day~ Although it's hot weather. 
We started our "trip" from morning 8am to 4pm (somewhere around this time). Almost half day gone with this. So fun yeah? Haha.

I got to sleep now, and please don't remember it ! I'm smart anyway? xD

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