Dragon Year

5:54:00 PM

Yeap, dragon year this year which also my younger's sis year!
Lols, not only her i know. 
How's everyone celebrating it?
My lil sis and mom going overseas today!
Oh gosh, I wanna go badly!!
My lil sis went to Hong Kong this morning and mom is leaving later to Korea!!
Both places are really nice, especially weather now is still winter!!
It would be cooling ~ I'm craving~!
And yeah, left 3 of us at home to pass the following days until the end of holiday.

Let's talk about the CNY's eve !
I have celebrated earlier on Saturday with my grandma's side (mom's mom).
Held at Klang Parade and I started to wear new clothes !! 
This year I bought less new clothes but yet it's still alot~ @.@
After that shopped around in Klang Parade.
Then the next day, the cny's eve.
Afternoon went to buy the last few pieces clothes @ Uptown Damansara.
Then night had dinner with family (dad's side).
We've ate the yee sang for two days haha!
Every year we will have the chance to eat alot. 
But it's nothing special though except the salmon and abalone.

The first day of CNY, as usual went to lil aunt's bf house for visit and lunch.
Then headed to Grandpa's house and then to grandma's house. 
All located at Klang..
Which means Klang is my hometown la.
Other people's hometown at far places but mine is like few minutes journey only!
At klang for whole day until night.
Had really fun there with my cousins.
Chatting a lot about olden days, drivings, other cousins, and some gossips, etc...
It's really like - "long-time-no-chat" for so long.
And yet we did not forget about self camwhore!
This year was using aunt's iPhone4 self cam with my sister! Hehe.

The next day, the 24th Jan.
It was an unlucky day. I was not feeling well.
Woke up early in the morning after the breakfast..
Sleep whole day in the bedroom.
I dint even stepped out the bedroom at all except went to the toilet.
Until evening some of my aunts and uncle came to my house and I went down to meet them.
They are all my "gu gu" and "suk suk".
Their kids are cute and chubby.
Although I did not play with them but still they look cute ! xD
Had dinner together with them and I went room to sleep and online again.. 

And reached today !
Went to mom's friend house in the morning til afternoon.
Went to Marufuku restaurant to have Udon at JayaOne with family.
Today is whole day without lil sis.. she went airport in the morning!
Ish, I want to go oversea too!!!

This is all my 5 days' schedule. :D
Wishing everyone, Happy Chinese New Year, Wish come true... (:

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