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6:35:00 PM

Sexy me!!

Heya! I'm back to my bloggie~~ Muacks.
I miss my bloggie alot, damn!
I'm so lazy to write blog because I know it will be very long post I think.
Since it's a llong time I din update.
So.. now.. What i'm currently doing?
For the close friends, they might know and the others just know nothing!
Haha, so now yeah I'm going to update u guys.

Last week was my busy week and an impulse week.
I've been doing all the assignments and rushing it.
Then it also an event going on last week.
I was planned to change myself from cute to scary or serious style.
I just wanted to cosplay something else.
But I've been wasted alot money..
I have no idea why I'm being so impulse to do such things.
Last saturday was Heroic Festival held by my college. 
So, my group planned and make a maze game for everyone to join and play.
Unfortunately there will be one or two disturbance or monster in the maze.
So I choose to be the monster which I changed to be a scary doll.
So I went to KL to buy clothes and everything to change my outlook which means cosplay too.
Then I din know I can even spend so crazy like vampires stucking my blood!
But for sure I won't tell you guys how much was that because that was not your business!
Because of this, I've been regreted for few days until now..
But no choice. Oh yeah, pictures right, please refer to my facebook.
I wont be posting any here. Only one that above.
So just touch and go la.
Its a heroic festival which contains cosplay and competition and also others games.
So actually you guys miss it.
It was quite fun although there's less games and for me its quite fun.
My first time cosplay ever although I did not win anything.
I feel fun and enough! (:

And another good news was, my house got an Ipad!!
I'm so happy.. I wanted an Ipad for a long time!
Because I don't have an Iphone or Ipod or whatever with I.. -.-
So suddenly it came an Ipad.
I can play games and do many things in it..
I enjoyed using talkbox and facetime and playing games.. + online there.
The feel was so different from using laptop or computer!
Haha, so we bring it out everyday wherever we go.. (:
I love Apple store's things!! <3

I dont want to update more la. So lazy.
I got alot of assignments have to do this week !!! ><

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