4:51:00 PM

Once again Im back from college.
Today was 2nd week of my college.. I know I couldn't count here for everyweek.
But most probably will update once a week (At Least).
There's alot for me to list out now.
I just wanna simplified it and make it short like synopsis. LOL

Let's talk about my weekends last week.
It was fully booked and full of appointment on Saturday.
Firstly, headed to RedBox @ The Curve around 11am+.
I dressed like a bitch weih, I feel so.
Because I wore a not-short-not-long shirt with a short. 
So like a sexy girl and what the bitch usually wore.
Okay, skip that.
Went karaoke with cousins and aunts and also sisters.
I just got to sang for 2 hours because I had Piano class after that.
Then finished karaoke around 1.30pm and headed to ss2.
They ended around 3pm. Good larh! 
After piano dad fetched younger sis to her friend's party and I went home for 3 hours to watch drama.
Then dinner time together but mom went for wedding dinner.
So she didn't had dinner with us.
Okay, around 8 something at the night we reached home. 

For Sunday, it was great I think.
I went for Breakfast + Lunch buffet with family around 2 tables with 13 people.
Some did not attend. So less nia.
Then, finished it we went to change and see spectacles. 
I wanted to get one but I don't wanna waste mom's money.
Because I just got a lil bit power. 
Actually it was around 100 for my right/left eye, I can't remember which side.
Then went home a while and out again to shopping!
My love my love!!
Went to Sunway Pyramid with parents, sis and grandmi!
Actually I wanted to buy something but ended I dint. 
I wanted to buy a shoe which cost around 100+ bucks.
I think I will work and get one for myself.
Ended up I din't get to buy anything even drinks!
Dad and sis bought Starbucks.
I want it but, also a lil feeling telling me not to buy for no reason. -.-
And oh oh oh! We saw a guy wearing black coat and match with a black hat was taking the toilet pump....
and standing outside of the "Xian Ding Wei" restaurant the open air place.
Guess what? He was taking the pump as a mic and sing song!!!
OMG, it was really brave and I think he was betting with friends or maybe others I duno larh!
Who cares, anyway!!

My artwork today.. ISH! Is that okay? I duno!!! 
I used newspaper for the love and mashing tape.
And I use domino pizza brochure for the head of the people.
Then I used crayon to colour the shirt of each of them.
And I used whiteboard duster to rub the outer part.
Recycle kan? :D

So ... Monday back to college as usual la. 
But .. added some news. LOL
Me and KT stuff.. 
It was cool but at the end part of my girl's friend knew that was fake!
Aiks, not so fun.
And when meet him I really feel awkward and I duno what to talk to him.
So still joined with my gang and left him away LOL.
I don't always do this but just a game larh.
It was bored.....
It was long story so people please go to my facebook and check out what the whole story was.
My profile is so full right now, all with posts and my status. LOL

Okay, I'm lazy to continue it and pray for me tomorrow.
Tomorrow was my first presentation of History class.
And.. it was cool I can't memorize a single thing! Die tomorrow.
Btw, I will cheat if I really cant memorize.

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