Stress, Pleasure, Tiredness, Busy

11:02:00 PM

Its like 3 weeks of my college already! 
How was it, u guess?
It is not scary.. but its amazing!
I like it a lots but it comes alot of assignments!
I'm so not free and feel so tired to upload and update my blog.
Just a little short post for today..

Lazy to post about the trip i went. 
I posted up those pictures, you can have a look there. :D

So I wanted to post about my feeling now.. x)
It was really killing me sometimes, everyweek 4 assignments.
How am I going to survive it?
Its still around 2 years more to go..
I have to work hard about it, I can't stop it now!
Anyone supporting me?
By the way, I want to do some research about the competition.
Joined a competition which organized by Dulux of the DETA competition.
I really no idea why I have chosen it..
I was so shock. and I duno what to prepare about it.
It was making me so nervous.
So, I dono what to do larh.
Just anyway I'm so lazy now.. to think about my design..
I have to design a lamp and make a model of it with the light up!
1st sem did this so other sem? 
Should be making even bigger stuff and tougher stuff!!!!

Okay, Nothing for me to crap about..

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