College Life

10:18:00 PM

Yesterday went for shopping with mommy and wore my new clothes. :D
I bought it from Internet. 
I know, everyone don't really trust the online shopping.
But for me, I think for certain website it can be trust. :D

It looks thin in the mirror so take a picture of it but it doesn't feel so.. -.-

Then went to buy dad and sister's spectacles for only Rm250 each with branded.
I love weekends because I could get to shop with my family. :D

Okay, let's start my 1st day college.
Today was my first day college (the actual one with study).
I got my technical drawing class in the morning.
It was really fun, and I felt so "unbelievable".
I dint know that Interior Design is so important in LINES.
I thought the lines are easily be drawn.
Then for the 1st day we got 3 assignment already!
Its one project with 3 assignments.
We learnt the basic of Technical drawing.
It brings me way to know the importance of LINES.
AIks, I'm going crazy of drawing these lines.
I have to measure every space and every corner of each lines.
Woah, it's so many to measure and I have to draw so many same lines.
and I draw the lines with different darkness of pencils.
Then, for every lines I draw must be in the same thickness, darkness.
That's why its a lil tough.
I thought it easy because I saw it like just lines.
HAHA.. so don't think it is easy before doing it.

I make a lot of friends..
I like it, every friends are different.
They are good and friendly.
And there's some older one in my class too.
Because I'm in Diploma so definitely it will have older one like after STPM/forn6.
Or maybe A-levels, but it doesn't seem to have A-levels student in my class.
Yeah, I enjoy now and have a lil tired of drawing lines. *dead*

It's time for me to rest my hands.. ):

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