Back to School

9:57:00 PM

Hah! Yeah.. I'm back to school which not the normal primary and secondary school.
It have their own high class name called College.
HAHA, lame right? This is call.. explanation! lol.
Okay, okay.. No jokes be serious kay?

I have started my college, FINALLY!
My parents always said that I wasted my time at home these months that I done nothing.
So.. I start my college and soon I will be very busy for my assignment.
Haihs, think of assignment I will think of how I'm like when I'm rushing for my assignment.
You know, designers have more works so I'ma like going to crazy and sleep late for every night.
I couldn't stop thinking about those stuff.
At least I have an idea, so that I wont so nervous for that. 
I don't know what am I craping..

Yeah, today was my second day of college.
It's still orientation week, which only 3 days.
HAHA, normally people have 1 week full but I dont.
If got, I rather skip it. 
I know I can knew some new friends but if sometimes too boring and tired is hard for me to go.
But today was okay.
Cox we played Ice Breaking, to know friends around all courses.
I knew Graphic designer, Creative advertising people, and also my own Interior Design fellow friends.
I might not saying friends now but I still consider they are my friends.
Just one days I knew them.
But they looked nice, friendly, and fun!
haha, I hope I can enjoy my college life with them. :D
But I don't know why today so bad luck.
Play everything also last. D:
We grouped and we got last.. so disappointed.
But nvm, just a game not a competition.
At least we enjoy finding stuff with friends and discuss around. :D

And the stupid thingy .. loan.
I have to prepare so many documents for them.
Aiks, so MAFAN.
It makes my dad fetch me here and there, waste my dad's petrol.
I really hope can borrow the loan..
I don't wan my mom pay so much for my study..
Okay, but it makes me so confuse.
Have to give my principle to sign? Hmm..
How am i going to find her!?! 
I don't want man!!
So.. just say that my school dont allow. LOL
Is that possible?

So this is today and these two days of college.

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