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Taddaaa, so sorry that I did not update on Monday because I couldn't upload the photos.
Because mom went Sydney thats why we got no camera with us.
Therefore, I borrowed the camera from my cousin sister. :D
But.. who knows she dint borrow us the cable and charger. lol.
What a funny joke!

Actually I wanted to post about the cousin's birthday, Labour day, Wedding dinner and tuesday KL trip with Suet Yen.
I think now I would post a lil bout these.

First, the Labour day which 1/5/11.
But the Labour day one was so super long.
Mom wanted to plan something. 
but it doesn't works out.
And ended up we went to PutraJaya then we headed to Cyberjaya.
Since we don't really go there so mom bring us a trip.
No matter what, mom would know more about trips.
She's a tour leader man!
So went to putrajaya, I can't remember what we did at Putrajaya lol.
Then we headed to Cyberjaya's hotel.
Sounds great?
Hah! Not really huh..
We went there for snap photos. LOL.
The best trip~
We hang around at Cyberjaya.
It was very cool.
Because I've never went there before.
So the best best trip ever. :D

Okay, nothing to post about that, lazy larh!
Turn away to the wedding dinner.. :D
Three of us sisters went to a dinner with Wendy aunt.
Her boyfriend's brother wedding.
They invited my parents along but dad went to his friend's wedding too.
Mom went oversea.
So three of us represent our parents. :D
Before that, dressing time I couldn't find any nice and fit dress to attend the dinner.
So around 6pm get ready everything.
with beautiful make up.
Then waited around an hour, text my elder sis.
She said will be right here soon.
Then waited again..
Around and almost 8pm only we got her call to wear our shoes/heels out.
Wow, first time we are so late to ppl's wedding dinner.
I think they couldn't blame us.
Because was so freaking jam on that time,
They held at Subang.
The most jam places larh...
I couldn't show the pictures.. D:
Maybe will be post this whole post again once i get to upload pictures.

It was also a best trip with my lovely baby.
We went to Korea cooking class @ Korea Plaza.
Then after that we went to Pavilion.
(by walking)
Like what I did last time..
Then there's nothing for us to shop.
We're not like those girls like shopping that much like Crazy.
we just had some cold things @ Snowflakes. Nom nom.
Then we walked to Bukit Bintang walk.
then we headed to Sungai Wang plaza.
We wanted to hang around the whole Bukit Bintang.
Due to out rushing time. ~.~
Then she bought a swim suit. LOL
I got nothing, yeah!
I always saved money.

I think thats all special within these few days.
I din't went to dancing class yesterday because dad not allow me to go alone without friends.
Munnee got class so she couldn't attend and MunYee was working.
Left me, I got nothing to do but I din't attend.
Haihs, I should have attend that because they have finished a song's steps.
Nvm, now regret does works for anything.
So I got my mind to learn it from the video. (Y)

Okay, I will try to get the cable from my cousin sister.
Wait me for the pictures!!! :D

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