The grown child.

11:04:00 PM

I got my last decision and the final decision.
I have planned everything for my following year, as next year.
I make it simple and also a lil back-up.
1. Go for sewing course for part-time.
2. English course for communication skills. (found)
3. Continue my music courses as Piano and Vocal.
4. Part time job for 3 months/more.
5. Join dancing class @ studio. (if can)
6. Keep fit courses and have healthy meals.
7. College. (Financial/accounting or Multimedia design)

Perhaps, my plan are still not clear yet. but I will still continue thinking of it.
so what I have to do is...

1. Find academy for sewing course.
2. Find piano/vocal class.
3. Follow the ways in magazine to keep fit/stay away from fats.
4. Find out what am I interested in actually.
5. Find driving place.

Hmm, I have no idea will it works or not.
Just plan it at least I could have a schedule/plan for myself.
Left few days to next year 2011.
I have to be a grown child!

my future is like the field, full of dirty water which haven't be clear.

These few days, I have put away my love feelings and go on with my future.
I have already single for a YEAR. This is the only year since form 1 that I dint find any guys couple.
Somehow I feel so happy and freedom while having a big rest like this.
Doing nothing at home but using the brain and heart to think for myself and everything.
I should be a grown child here and not a childish teen.


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