A good photograher

4:49:00 PM

Yesterday which is Sunday.
Sister asked me to accompany her to photo shooting.
It suppose to be her friend accompany her but at the last minute, her friend cancelled it.
Actually I don't wanted to go but I saw the DSLR camera at my house.
Just have a lil feeling to take pictures too.
But not taking myself, its photo shoot for my sister.
It can says, this is the first time I'm using this camera to shoot pictures of the scene and helping other to shoot.

Woke up at 5.48 am, change clothes and all things..
Then friends come at 7 am, woah! So late and my sister ask me to wake at 5 something.
Went to section 17 have super early breakfast.
Then head to Sekinchan for around 2 hours.
1st station we stopped was, Paddy field.
Then we went to another place in Sekinchan, its like a sea which fisherman goes.
I don know what is that place called. D:
There was a kampung area, house with legs. HAHA.
Then have our lunch at a Seafood restaurant.
There was really a seafood restaurant, we dint even know a single fish. -.-
Its really get from the sea. Woahh! *excited*
After that, back to town. :D

The followings are my shooting results. (i didn't learn about it before, just simply)

Yeap. Thats all. 
So what you think ya?


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