8:30:00 PM

Oh my godness! I have no idea why I'm being like this.
Although exams coming but Im still watching dramas.
Ah.. you can't force me to study every hour.
So I studied few hours or maybe only an hour then I went to watch drama again.
Hmm, so I too into the drama.
And keep make the same dreams at night.
But suddenly it became a nightmare.
It happened yesterday, after watching the last episode of the drama I went to sleep.
I sleep well at first, after that I woke up because of the drama.
I duno why Im dreaming it and to continue the episode.
Keep thinking and thinking the ending but can't stop.
Then it became headache and even worst I can't close my eyes at all.
Once I close my eyes, I dream of it.
I open my eyes I feel sleepy.
I really don know what should I do.
Then slowly, I slept and woke up around 12 noon.

Exams really near me right now.
Left the 32 hours to study for it.
8.24 right now at the night.
Hmm, I shall study right now and keep studying non stop.
But I really feel so nervous and keep thinking to make the time faster.
I know it's impossible and I have to wait and wait and hardworking.
Oh yeah ya! I suddenly changed my mind, Im studying Sejarah!
Haha, funny right? At first I said Im giving up but now Im continuing.
I think I should start a lil of it so that at least I dont need to leave a blank paper.

I have nothing to say anymore.
I don wanna talk about family.
So just off right now. Bye and nights!

Wish me good luck ya! :D

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