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Yesterday was my lil sista 's BIRTHDAY!
We celebrated for her at home and decorate the house to make a surprise for her.
I did went to school and came back straight decorate and busy.


This is the first decoration for her. Mom cut the words and sis draw the words. I helped to put on the strings. Do you feel it look a lil bit like halloween style? Match!

After decorated, she came back.
That was a good timing right huh! 
Mom and eld sista were in charge of foods. Grandma got to rest for lil while. No longer, I went in the kitchen to help up and grandma started to help too.
There are many foods and delicious steamboat!
Photos will be upload in Facebook soon.
This time we did not invite anyone only family celebrated with her.Aunts, uncles, dad, mom, me, sista, grandma, grandpa and great-grandma.
Cousin sista BaobeiBee actually coming to our house but she already have her own dinner so she can't make it.


These were her birthday cakes. Aunt Shirley bought foe her at RT
Uhm.. actually I don know where's the place. I forget the name of the place where she buy it. 
The white one was a lil fruity but not exactly. And, the chocolate one, the top is the tiramisu icing (I dont eat) and inside was the chocolate lorh. 
The cakes are nice and tasty!


Lastly, she always not forget to open her presents!
After she bathe, she quickly open it.
"wearing pyjamas"
I can say that Im lack of money.
So I'm planning to learn her loves song for her. (Piano)

Look, opening present with pink pyjamas and pink towel on the head! lol.

p/s: Happy Birthday to every Nov babies! Especially JieEn and Gabriel

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