The grand new ones.

5:00:00 PM

Yeah, as you know I saw new and nice things I will use it.
Thus I changed my header.
I think for those small or bigger screen Desktop people could view it nicely.
Because few days ago I used my bigger screen's computer to view my blog.
It looks messy, it mess up my header.
Until I found what to put for my header and I change it.
I am not really free but I just want to look better.
I'm sure that nobody wants their things look ugly.
I just used an hour to done it.

Does it look better?
or.. Is that okay?
For me, the color is not match but I like that color and I don wanna change it.
So I don know what's other people think of it.
Anything or any suggestions?
You can comment it, I have make back my comment form. :D

Yeap, I have finished.
I gotta head to the BOOKS.
Actually I have no mood to study already after few days.
But Moral is my last hope to get B.
I'm aim at least B for Moral, Chinese, English, Maths.
And others at least C.
Of cause I hope it could be more A's but don give myself stress.
So aim B for trials. :D
SPM all A's larh! Haha, will it success?
Anything. I want to pass that's all I want.

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