Will be back.

11:08:00 PM

Hey guests and buddies! 
Just reached a week, today is Saturday.
I think I will really update my blog once a week.
I will be post my holiday trip for yesterday which is Friday, Hari Raya.
Because pictures is still not with me yet.
And I haven't uploads pictures to computer.. 
Well, be patient yeah!
I will be back soon!! teehee..

Its been so long I did not post about Birthdays.
Today was Samuel's birthday, my sister's best friend.
I would like to wish u again here in my blog.

Happy Birthday, Sam!

pictures time!

snap 1

snap 2

snap 3

snap 4

I'm so boring at home without elder sista!
So taken lotsa pictures using webcam.
bored bored bored!!!

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