Holidays but not to rest.

9:45:00 PM

Pheww, finally I can sleep longer and don't need to go to school for two weeks.
I am so freaking stress in school! 
I saw many people started they revision in the school.
But I don have the mood to do any revision in school.
I just want to enjoy chatting with friends.
Ish.. There is no way to control myself to study now.
Why is that a holiday now?
I cant study during a long holidays.
I just started Add Maths revision but I always stop at the middle of the questions.
I cant really stare for so long in the questions and solve it.

But Im going to tell you that I will not study Sejarah during this holiday!
I will start when exams start or maybe day before the exam!
I will just stare and dream while looking the Sejarah book.
Arghh, hates Sejarah a lots!
Especially that was in Bahasa Melayu!
As you know, I did not speak Malay in my life with my friends and that is my weakest languages within Mandarin, English and Cantonese.
I wanna go shopping but I dont think there is someone who wanted to go.
Everyone wants to study, except some people who dislike and not willing to study.
I just want to out for a day in a week within these holidays.
For spm-ers, less people are going for shopping or travelling.
I did not say NO one but less people.
I know someone going to travel to somewhere.
There is so good! My mom now at Korea.
I wanna go too, why am I not a rich girl?
If I am, I might now going somewhere out of Malaysia.
Well, I will not mad of anything right now.

I found something really funny and smart idea.

This is a good way to cheat during the exams!!
But we are wearing uniforms and not outsider's clothes.
I think this could be work when we are in College.
Funney right? 

Our exams were just like that! 
That was killing us!! 

No exams

This is a nice t-shirt! 
No exams like the logo of "No Smoking".
But Im not sure whether this is selling on the net or not.
I think it is just a picture.

And, yeah. Im still missing him.
I couldn't see him but when look at his photos I will be like.. are we match?
Because I think he is not a shy guy and he is a very open-minded guy.
And he always surrounded by girls.
I think he is also an outgoing guy.
I can't imagine if we be together..
Because I really never think of it before.
I just want to love him and for no idea why.
And I dream of him for 3 days already.
I think those dreams couldn't be true.
Its so.. romantic and like a drama shown in the tv.
I think I will wait for the suitable time to talk to him or to give up him.
He is quite good one, he can make me happy too.
But Im always happy larh. He can make lotsa people laugh.
He can tell lame jokes and yeah it is very lame until I can't laugh at all!
Haha, I still remember lotsa memory of us.
I think it couldn't erase it from my memory's album.
Okay, I gotta give back my sista her laptop.

So wish everyone good luck for their Exams after holidays!!! 
Loves, Isabell.

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