Finally it's perfect!

3:47:00 PM

Pheww, finally done!
Finally finish editing the layout of my blog!
I used up 8 days to done it.
Can you imagine it? Actually it is normal, simple.
But I uses alot of time and effort.
Due to my study time thats why I used 4 to 5 hours a day but I counted 8 days from 29.7.10.
It sound hard but not actually.
Just to find the codes and pictures thingy takes alot of my time.
Do you feel okay?
Do you have any comment or suggestion?
Just wanna know do I need to improve anything or any spelling error.
Uhm, please ignore the schedule section.
I have no idea why I wrote that in.
Im just wanna make my blog girlish and cute-tish. LOL
It's pink, I know.
I tried few other colour for my theme but Im not that really like it.
Ends up, still pink. YEAH~

I planned to change my link.
But I found it so "mafan" to do it.
Have to inform friends and so on..
SO, I dont think I wanna do it so.

But, Im not studying computing after exam.
I will still head to my art dream and not IT.
What do you think if I wanna take design course?
Which college should I go?
I don't want to use up so much money from parents.
Trying to find a cheaper one but its good one.
Maybe after exam only decide.
Now enjoy and study well.
Right? AM I right???

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