July Updates.

10:26:00 AM

Er-hmm. It has been a long time I dint update my blog.
What a dead blog! @.@
The past few days, last week, I fall sick.
I have no mood in blogging.
Now, Im back I wanna change blog layouts again.
But why its so hard to look for a new one?
and a nice one, suitable one, or favourite one?

Yup, I have made a bad choice to quit the dance.
I really have no that kind of mood to dance it, move it.
I'm now just like a stick.
I hurt my back bond, what a sad thing?
I can't dance strongly and can't move immediately down.
So at the end I just can stand straight as what I always did.
Did you know everyone have the same attitude?
Everyone care about themselves then the others.
SO I'm just doing the same thing.
I quit because I care for my body, I din't mean to break a friendship.
If you angry about that, I don think u're a good friend of me.
Somehow just feel that you're so good but thats only for yourselves.
This everyone can forgive,
Im sure everyone did the same thing too?
Who does care about ourselves?
crap crap crap..
SKIP this.
Yeah yeah, today is Interact Installation.
Time passes so freaking fast, a year gone.
You know, now the Interact is getting worst.
I don know how to describe but I really have no idea why thats no more fun like last time.
This is my last year of Installation.
So nevermind, they don want to give me a best moments...
It has been a long time I did not post about my current picture.
It looks cute, prettey~~
Did you see that?
This is my profile picture in Facebook.

This is the end of the chapter now.
I'm getting ready to go for Installation.
But have to wait for my clothes to dry, I wash it this morning. lol.

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