Hurt and Injured

10:23:00 AM

Yeah, as everyone know Germany lose for the match with Spain.
I really mad and upset seeing that!
I feel tired on that day then the next day woke up late to school.
So skip here, no more sad things first.

Yesterday I had my pjk class.
We play dough ball ( i dont know how to spell it) during pjk.
At the first match, I feel so boring and my team lose.
Because my close friends they did not change their clothes.
At the second match, I feel like fall in love with it.
I play it hard, Im weak in catching ball.
So most of that Im like avoid the ball.
I did not get out of the match til the end.
I helped my team to win it yeah!
Then, while playing..
Whenever I catch a ball I will fall down!!
I caught many times, so means that I fall many times.
The funniest one is when I gonna throw the ball to my opposite team.
I make a funny face and make them messy.
Because I cannot throw it hard on their legs so I throw it my team member behind the opposite team.
That was cool if you really saw im playing it.
But thats not good for me you know.
I hurt a lot on my legs.
Both legs blue black and muscle pain.
My back bone pain too.
Really a weak me, can you imagine how an old woman are?
Yeah, Im something like them.

After school, I plan to call my grandpa pick me up from school.
But I miss it, so I back by bus.
While in the bus, almost reach my house.
Left the second last little child and he is going back.
My bus uncle asked him how many people left.
He said..
" one boy behind and one woman behind"
OMG, the woman that he mention was me!
Arghh, am I that old?
Why can't he just say I'm "Big Jie Jie".
I'm still okay with that.
But he said woman! in mandarin he said "女人" behind.
Okay, I forgive you because you are cute and give me a place to sit. (:

I don't know how my plan work for today to watch eclipse.
He did not reply me. No credit or.. ??
Maybe tomorrow going studio watch them dance for prom one.

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