Mom is back.

4:45:00 PM

Yes, mom back yesterday from Korea.
Thats great.. we miss her a lot.
She did not actually shop at Korea due to the busy-ness.
She just went to some market to buy some masks for us and some cute stuffs.
I have no idea why Korea can make things so cute and wonderful.
Like plastic surgery, they can really change ur look into a wonderful look.
Addition, the people there are white, I mean is their skin color.
There are also many cute things that we doesn't seen before.
That sounds interesting and exciting, right?
Even the mask's cover is also a C.U.T.E.
You know that bean with green, black, white and red?
Yeah, that is also a flavor for mask.
Thats cool and cute, I like it.

Hehe, did u see it? Cute right? ^^

This is Black Bean mask.

This is Green Bean mask.

This is white bean mask.

As you see, its strawberry mask.

I think this is to care for ur leg. :D

It shows which part of the leg helps which part of our body.

And lastly, this is for hands. :D

Isn't that cute?
I like it so much, planned to not open it.
But have to.
Maybe will open it carefully so that we can keep that cover.
There are more things mom bought.
Like, other masks..
Korean biscuits..
and some Korean beauty care.

It costs my mom a lot.
But no choices, she loves us.
She buy for us and also herself.
Here are some other things..

This is one of the gift from them. I think is facial care.

Seaweed (not spicy).

seaweed, no idea what flavor. * photo upside-down *

Another seaweed, i think is vege.

This is sweets, taste like sugus and bought 3 flavor - apple, grape, strawberry.

This biscuit is so nice, it dont feel dry while eat.
So you can eat as much as you like.

The snow biscuit that I always like it.

Chocolate nut stick.

Look like potato chips but its Korean style chips.

The chocolate small biscuit that I eat since I'm young.

Thats really tasty,
Look at some cover, that is cute and make me wanna buy it.
I know some biscuit can buy and seen from Malaysia.
But if you buy from the country which made it,
the feelings different.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, my English is not that good anymore.
I always speak in mandarin.
I gotta practice my piano now, so Tata ^^

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