Labour day with family.

4:38:00 PM

Yeah, Saturday was Labour day.
Woke up early in the morning,
saw sister and mom going out to pasar pagi.
I was too lazy so I did not follow.
Waited them for few hours, 
have breakfast at ss2 (dim sam).
The show which just open.

After that, went to uncle's house for a while.
Then, went home.
almost an hour rest, we start moving to next station again.
Which is.. Klang, Bukit Tinggi.
We went to Aeon Jusco, shop for a while with grandma.
Later, we went to aunt's baby full-moon party.
Pictures will be up soon, because its not with me.

These was at Aeon Jusco, Klang.

These was at aunt's house mirror in the living room. 

Reached home around 1.30 in the midnight.

The next morning, we went to have breakfast at s19.
We ate "pan mee", quite nice.
Then we went to Damansara house,
until 6 evening to my pratice class until 7.30pm.
Had dinner alone and bungkus back from s19 (chicken chop - Carbon Bleu)
Full of cheese crispy chicken chop.

Sister help me make up, isn't that nice? 
and also I did the first eye liner myself then other she did it.
With my purple contact lens. ;D

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