10:29:00 AM

A freshly morning with my lovely breakfast.
2 breads(chicken sandwich) and a glass of Milo.
It gives me enough energy,
but I did not went to school.
Sounds bad right?
My eye swollen, and yesterday stomach ache.
Went in and out in the toilet for an amount of times.

I absent from yesterday until today.
My eye yesterday was more swollen and today is getting better.
But of cause I will study at home,
revise and do my absent homework.
Don't worry, guy.
I'm al-right here but I have rest, *duh*
I know I missed a lot of things during these two days.
Yesterday my class had a student influence by H1n1.
Sounds serious, 
Then we swift class to block B just beside the Discipline room.
Wow, really great.
But of cause we did not laugh at him,
he did not went to school.
Everyone pray and wish he will be al-right, like me.
A-haha! I think friends very miss me lol.

Before I forget, 
I would like to send a message here to Qi Le,
My email is ..

I think this is all for today,
I don't think I could go for Mok's birthday today.
So sorry, Mok. 
have nice day, Happy Birthday (early)!

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