help me please!

5:18:00 PM

Pheww, I passed my history test today.
Thats cool, u know why? because I just pass at 40 marks.
I was shock and I dint know that I could pass.
If I could pass for my mid-term exam that is much more better than this, right?
Okay, no more exam here now.

I was planning to change my blog layout.
But it comes a little trouble for me.
Anyone one of u or ur siblings/friends can fix html code for blog's template.
I found a blog template but I could make it.. did anyone can fix it?
Here comes the link.
Everything not arranged but when see preview and codes is okay.
But I still dont know why i put up the template and its not arranged as what i saw in preview.
So, anyone know what is the problem??
Please help me, I really wanted to change blog skins.

Last of all, I wanna say about yesterday incidents.
During Freetime, everyone is doing their homeworks.
Then, Mr Yap is coming in our class.
He brought few stack of papers into the class.
Then ask all of the girls for help but everyone run off.
Thats funny right?
Now the worst one, he came to my place and ask me..
Oh get rid of me!!
I have gave many excuses to him but he still want me to help him!!
OMG, and Julie also asked to help.
Julie and I do it as fast as we can.
We wanted to finish it faster.
Meanwhile, he asked Wei Hong about something.
If I'm not mistaken, it's about who will go for the -----.
So freaking busy-body!
I hate him, I wouldn't give him any chances to ask me for help!
Get out of my mind!!

Okay, that's over I don't wanna mention about it..
Last, I really hope have anyone can help me fix the codes.
Please, help me !!

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