Finally stop for a minute

8:04:00 PM

Hell yeah! Tomorrow no exams no need go to school.
Because tomorrow is Seni(Art) exam. Not for me.
Haha, so good. Three days no need go to the school.
Monday is P&P, I don't think I'm going I will stay at home and study my Chinese.
And Friday is Wesak Day. Everyone no work no school.
Feel so good right now. 
I think god knows that I'm tired. I'm really tired of studied to much.
Normally, I don't study and now suddenly read the whole book.
This causes my brain got hurt.
Not ill or sickness, it is a little hurt in it.
I dont know how to explain it, hope that you can understand it.

And.. tomorrow I'll continue my happiness.
Haha, that is where I went on the pass Saturday.
I feel rich but not always. :D

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