The past. :D

1:39:00 PM

At night, we went to have Buffet dinner at Lé Meridian Hotel.

With my uncle aunt and sisters.
We ate a lot. There have so many things to eat.
I like the dessert most, the starter and main meal are great too.
I ate vege at first, then Japanese food.
After that I ate chinese food, then Malay food.
I did not eat Italian because there's no food I like to eat. --''
Later On, I accidentely ate beef ham.
I did not know that is, so I have to finish it, the taste okay but I dont like it.

Almost 10.30pm ++ reach home.

Woke up in the early morning. I style my hair with curly hair. 
It's okay, but look abit old and abit young and cute.
Haha, thats really funny. After breakfast, we went to 1U.
We saw the IP man poster and the battle ground in the middle court. Then we had our lunch at Arena food court.
After finish, we went to Aunt's house and fetch her to KL Central. Then, we had out dinner at s19 again. I ate spaghetti again, then go home.

These are all my curly hair pictures. 
Before I curl my hair.. it looks like this..

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