look-so-empty class.

10:39:00 PM

Today was Anugerah day..
Everyone knows it's boring to go to school sitting doing nothing.
And me and few girls and boys came to school.
We're not stupid yeah!
I was trying to everyday but today really a wrong day.
The class was so empty only 13 people in the class.
So bored and we're just walking around and talking away.
2 girls were doing their homework,
1 guy were doing his homework too but after recess he stopped.
Then, 5 teens were chatting about "bla-bla"?
and, Suet Yen and I was walking around, chatting, do homework and dance.
Ofcause Julie will never leave without her drawings.
But Jun Hon was so lonely and boring!
7 girls went out for performance (dance),
Mas went to Traffic control?
Erique went to get the trophy and prizes?

Stay in the class for whole day and no study.
What the meaning going to skul?
Now I understand why MCAs not coming to school.
That's freaking boring!

Lastly, I mistaken that today was the singing competition.
I thought Im gonna stay back in school.
But luckily I did not do it or not.. keke, stupid me.
So sorry, JJ.
I couldn't make it today,
I'm really not free and I dont feel like going badminton today.
Reason maybe yesterday that incident.

Well, I stopped here.
Gonna have a good good night. (:

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