back to survive

9:44:00 PM

Finally, I fixed my blog but still abit weird because i lost one part of the code.
I am going to change my blog layout with my lovely edit in Photoshop.
But it have to takes a lot of time..
I'm back to survive but really not much time to stay on.
Exams coming again.. I have to study all chapters from last year til now.
Oh, god? Why am I born like this? 
I wanted to be the best and the smart one (at least).
But most of all, I wan my beauty first.
Luckily my outlook is good-looking 
but everyone really thinks that I'm a really smart girl which can get A's all the time.
Okay, okay.. Skip.
I have no idea why I leave so much space up there.
but anyway. I found something cute and creative!
Its a puzzle jewelery, I like that geese or swan?
That's feel more creative and special.
Wanna ask him to buy for me, 
but I have no idea he got credit card or maybe a bank account number.

And yet, I already decided to use a normal phone instead of a nice and expensive phone.
I think the only thing I wan is Camera, that's all!
I really can't leave without Taking pictures..
But I did not mean to buy a DSLR,
It just a normal digital camera. 
Yes! I clear my mind now.. *peace

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