Never stop it.

1:43:00 PM

Feel good today, went for breakfast then went home.
So boring, only computers and tvs.
Let's talk about yesterday,
yesterday was boring then planned to take pictures with my make-up face.

Using webcam camera, snapping with sis.

Yeah, thats us, boring one..
She bought a treatment spray, she sprayed my hair and I did not wash my hair this morning.
Thats smell good, so that my hair is not Smelly! lols.

I think today will be staying at home playing computers,
watching tv, eat snacks and thats all.
I don't think we're going out shopping or what.
Sis wanted to shopping with me,
but she did not ask dad about it,
so now, she slept.
Left me here, online and boring myself.

I think I got decided which phone I gonna buy,
Xperia is too expensive,
the price is around RM2380 - RM2580.
I can't affort it and I don't think family will allow me to buy.
I lost once, and they wont allow me buy a phone cost more than thousand.
I decided to buy the cheap one, RM800.
Sony Ericsson W705, I saw Diana using it,
Pink is limited also, that style suite me..
Square and flat.
I think I gonna buy it, now I received RM400 from family.
I gonna get RM300 more from friends then I can get it.
Another hundred I pay myself. (:

If not, I think I gotta work after SPM then give back mom the money. ;D

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