The one and only one!

10:21:00 PM

I saw a phone yesterday,
it was Sony Ericsson.
Xperia .
I saw it had two types.
Xperia X10 mini.
I can't believe it so cute..
I wanna win if I could.
I'm now thinking how to make a creative music video.
Someone said he's gonna buy me a phone,
I don't know its whether true or not.
I hope I could have it.
I'm now missing a phone.
I think it should be expensive,
It's new and CUTE~


Today was Hamper day.
A lot of people are missing today - Absent.
We have asked to go to the field.
For giving out the hampers to those blah blah blah.
Then, we were standing there for an house +.
Walaoh, it was freaking hot sun woke up.
And, it looked at us,
from the start til the end.
We were tired and hot.
The presentation of the children was awesome!
But, we do not cry today.
It's pretty cute kids.
They dance so cute,
especially the front guy..
He can shake very well.
OWH, cute!!

Okays.. And..
I told Suet that world secret.
She know that I'm a vegetarian!!
OMG, I really have no idea why I felt that way.
Don't stick me please..
I scared I really do.
Last, I have to thanks to u!
You make me feel that I'm still alive.
Thank you..!

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