Spell I-S-A-B-E-L-L.

3:46:00 PM

I found something cool just now.
The name of Isabell.
and there have http://isabell.com/
but now it was under construction.

It says,
The name (for girls), Isabell is a variant of Isabel(hebrew).
The meaning of Isabell is God's promise.

There are a lot of baby names of Isabell,
they are sounds like,
Isabelle, Isabella, Isobell, Isabele, Isabela and Ysabell.

They still mention Isabell is a common first name for women.
and also a common last name for men and women.
So means, men and women both can use Isabell as their last/first name.


This graph shown that the popularity in U.S.
There are quite big amount of people using the Isabell name.

Isabell Name

This gragh shown the popularity outside U.S.
Mhmm, it seems nothing..
But I think you should look carefully.

It seems like outside U.S did not get many people using this name.
I think the first one should be me!! ;D

Lastly, check out this website - [click]
This is a web that mostly custom designs from London.
Those gown/dresses were designed by Isabell Kristenson.
A great designer, you can say so.
She had two couture shops at London and Monaco.

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