CNY Hols. last 4 days.

6:54:00 PM

It was not that good, Mom started work on Thursday.
Dad started work on Friday.
So thursday was really bored,
we did not went for any shopping.
Dad went to have lunch with mommy on thursday.
We ate at home because grandma cooked.
Friday I was just playing computer until the night.

Then Saturday again.
Went to Piano, thats really have piano class. haha.
Then, accompany mom to lunch.
Dad fetch me to 1u ad meet Min Hou.
He asked me out so out larh, and it was nothing to do at home.
Then, shop shop shop.
Actually did not buy anything.
First, I went to Popular and bought books.
Then, eat eat eat til the end.
And Yeah, we watched lion dance too.
In 1u ofcause.
I remembered I ate alot!!
It's just snack, ice cream, drinks. and none healthy meals.
I think this is real me, I dont spend money on buying rubbish.
But I do spend money on foods.
To make myself to be full. Fatty and chubby! Teehee ^^
Then Sunday, went to have breakfast then go to Damansara.
Then went home to have snap and then night went to grandma house.
To "bai tin gong", because my mom was a hokkienese.
So, everyyear they will do that.
Until 2 o'clock reached home.
Mama locked the door, I have no room to sleep!!
Then sleep with younger sis in mom's room.

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