CNY week.

6:06:00 PM

Saturday (cny eve)

I was supposed to attend the piano class but I did not.
Its not because that Im lazy,
It because that I forgotten there were closed on that day.
I was so forgetful!
I went there, and I'm shock why isn't the door open?
Then, my mom asked me to call and it was nobody answer.
So, I went to pasar pagi with my mom.
You know who I saw?
Yeah, Mr. Ng Wei Hong, the class monitor of my class.
I wanted to call him but I was buying something,
I turned around when I finished buying but he was gone.
After that, I went to another pasar again..
We bought flowers and some worship things.
Then, reached home, bath and rush to the palace.
Had lunch with mother side.
At night, had lunch with father side..
SO full of the day...

Sunday 14/2 - Valentine and CNY
It really nothing much..
Woke up, said Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone at home in the morning.
Then got ang pau(s) and have some "tong sui".
Went to aunt's boyfriend house eat and get ang pau.
Then went to grandfather's house and sit a while then ciao.
Later went to grandmother's house and get ang pau and gamble.
I did not gamble and I was just watching them.
Until night, I cant remember where I went to dinner. LOL.

The second day of Chinese New Year.
Same place again.
There was my grandmother house.
We did alot stuff there, and I did not know what.
Because I couldn't remember what happened.
I remembered we stay in the house until night.

The third day of CNY.
No where to went anymore,
Went to my another house at DJ.
Grandmother and her friend came down.
Adults played Mahjong, child play computer. -.-''
Then at night, we ate at home.
Mom cooked some veges , meat and rice.
Younger sister went to friend's house and get ang pau(s).
Then, day was over.

Woke up at 12 something.
It was freaking late and we did not have breakfast LOL.
Then, went to have lunch.
If Im not wrong, lunch was Dim Sam.
Then went home again, play and play til night.
Have dinner then everyone were gone.
Back to my old house.

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