9:17:00 PM

OMG, my blog gonne be a dead blog!!
No, make it alive nowww!
Gosh.. have not enough time to update larh!
Homeworks all around me,
th everyday you can see I'm doing my homework all the way.
So, so Busy!
Sometimes just a question I use up an hour or more.
Like today, I finished my maths then start account.
But, account I use up 3 hours to finish just 2 questions!
Homg, but seriously it takes long time if a small mistake appear.
Not done yet!
It still have 3 more questions.
Some questions I did half way because I really can't find the direct answer.
I might bring it to skul and ask my friends.
This year I only take Add Maths tuition,
so that I can save more money for my mom,
and I have to hardworking too.
I concentrate in every classes I think it will do. (:
My add maths skills improved a little bit, 5%.
LOL. I know it less but if I practive more I will get higher..
My english, you know what?
I improved it!! I'm so happy.
I did a full page of her characteristic for Erique about the Oral.
About the candidate thingy.
I hope we would win and get A for Oral.
Projects are coming out!
Gotta be more busy on Projects and maybe other works?
I don't want to grow white hair, god!
I don't want to think so much on works.
Especially Add Maths and Account!
It's really make me peace off man!
The answer is extremely hard-to-find.

Do you know I'm trying to make it easy..
But I can't.
I have been
thinking and thinking + thinking..
about that.
Couldn't forget every
moments I did.
It was really really disappointed!
I dint know it will
let go so fast.
I will never ever give up trying and get back.
I think I
can make this complicated.
I will make gee afraid of me, love me, hate me
I can even hurt it, but I always protect it.
And, you have to
I am not a SIMPLE girl as what you think!
I'm strong enough to
fight for it.
I'm definately powerful now.
I will never ever think that
you leave and let go.
Why aren't you be patience,
do you understand
what's actually that mean?
I make it serious you break it randomly.
Okay, okay, okay!
I don't want to hate you so please,
give ourselve
a chance and think carefully about it!
Its not wrong if you think wrongly,

Is time to sleep now, I'm tired and tomorrow I have to go to skul.
Arghh! Non-stop studying. psshhhs!

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