Busy week.

5:10:00 PM

Omg, I was so busy this week.
Homework, class deco-thinking, making design, and tuition.
I have no time to online or blog.
Soon my blog will be dead..
The day to Macau is coming, and nearer..
Hope it fast come true.
But at least I can hang out with friends.
And I went grandpa's 70 birthday at Klang.
I did not have the pictures, all with my sister.
And soon.. I'm going to watch movie in the cinema!!
I want, otherwise no more chances.
I wanna watch the Ju-On and Paranormal Activity.
Both are also scary movie, Horror movie.
I love that, anyway.
Omg, this make me think of that moment in cinema!!
Haihs, it's over and couldn't get back again.
I did not want it to come back also,
because I always respect everyone.
Especailly the guy duh.
I respect every words you said!
So even though I did not give up but I will let it go.
Don't ask back or else I'll more sad.
I've been crying everyday once I think of that.
I hate you and I love you.
Okays.. wanna know mroe about that go to my another blog.
Will update tomorrow.

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