[LIFE] Summary of 2015 !

11:27:00 PM

Attention to all my readers, friends, strangers, pass by-ers, whoever is it!

A big bow to apologize that I did not update my blog for a long long time and letting the blog so dead here, I'm really don't have time to sit down quietly and blog about anything else! Please forgive, I always wanted to update and be a better blogger but I always failed. 

In the year of 2015 had happened a lot of things, accidents, trips, works, stress and so on. After since I started work, everyone goes differently, I work from 9 to 6; no more hanging out in the afternoon during the weekdays; travel non-stop for the end of the year; no more playing fools around; no longer mommy-girl and etc...

So let's see what gave I done in 2015 (summary) !

In January, I went to the first annual dinner held by the company that I work with.

In February, I got my first angpau from the boss, and get confirmed as a full time designer! Wee~

In May, I got my first Labour day, but I did not went for any vacation but I experienced the feeling of having this public holiday, kinda funny ya!

Then, I managed to get short designer trip with my colleagues to Ipoh, not too bad and stayed at M Boutique, so nice and antique! Will blog about it too, stay tune!

The most important one, on June, I finally bought a new Iphone6 by my own! I'm so proud but I'm still paying monthly to my mom, Lol!

Next of course is my big day on September! I never thought of anything special for my 22nd birthday, my aunt got me a surprise and treat me for my birthday at Ruyi and Lynn, Bangsar! First time experience the Asian food in sushi way & got to taste my favourite white wine! Oishi!

Beside this, I also had my best moment with my favorite person and he surprise me and bought me to enjoy buffet! Love ya!

And ya ya ya! I tried the coloured hair, super cool colour!

And then, the next will be on October, one of my favorite month to remember for 2015! I went to Europe again! I think I will blog about this soon, but I got not much information about it! I followed my mom and elder sister to their company's trip to Switzerland and Italy! It was super amazing!

I love Switzerland a lot, I wish to go again too if there's a chance for me! Weather is perfect, people are nice, environment is beautiful, air is nature and fresh, scenery is amazing, shopping is of cause a top pick for ladies but not me, I don't really go for branded, and everything is wonderful like a dream!

Btw, I also went to my besties' graduate convocation, it could say that my first time to a friend's convocation! Haha.

After the month, I started travel again but it's in local state, Penang. I went to Penang in mid of November with family and siblings, cousins and aunts. But we were unlucky to meet the falls season in M'sia, even Penang so we dint really managed to snap a lot of pictures outdoor.

I got had my christmas party with colleagues and family as well! It was fun and unforgettable!

Then, last month, December was travelling to year-end Collagemates' trip at Cameron Highlands. We went for 3 days 2 nights, we never expected to stay for 2 nights but there was too jam for us to go back KL so we decided to book a night there and play around but we wasted few hours in the middle of the day to decide stay or not stay! =.= So far, very fun and very cold on the mountain!

There are more memories in 2015, it's too much to me to summarize in a post. You might get bored.

So far, I had a pretty good and smooth year in 2015, Got new stuffs, experience new events, got to work on some challenging designs, got car accident for the first time, travel to one of my dream country in my travel list, and got to gather with all my lovely friends, cousins and boyfie!

Yeap, there's my 2015, so how was yours? Are you ready to start off your new year? YES, I'm ready!! Let's work hard for our target together!

Love ya, Nights! You know what? I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow!!!

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