[Life] First of 2014

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OMG, I forgotten to blog before 2013 end.
And now it's 2014, aiyo. So forgetful but seriously, too busy of my final exam showcase assignments.
And now I'm graduate, it can be consider but the official graduate convocation will be held on March.
I miss my trip at Taiwan, the weather so good and nice. Aiks, the time shouldn't be so fast!!
Everything goes too fast, it just like a wink then it's another day another year! ><

Alright, I don't want to make it so boring with all wording, let me fill with photos. 
The Taiwan trip's photos not with me so I couldn't upload more here.
But then, I can upload my graduate showcase photos!! Love the camera and miss the friends!!

Let's have friends photos with me first.

Xiao Rou, she is the thinnest girl which always complain she dont have fats == she is also a blur type haha, like me. Friends always make fun of her. She likes 嘟嘟嘴 one!! ><

Pei Ling, she has been working together with me during internship for 3 and half months. She is cute and she has cute voice too. She is just a princess which need to be protected. She can make a lot fun too!!

Nah, the one who has a girlfriend outside. LOL. shouldn't say like this, HC, the right one, and her gf, Ah Yan left one. She is the Top series student in my class too. She always do her work in a very fast speed and relax after that. So jealous. >< She is the one who make fun of people THE MOST! HAHA.

And me me me me!! Selfie, always have in between the photo section! HAHA, The lighting is too direct on top of me make me feel dark. 

Lu Yee and Lih Ching. 
Luuuu, I always call her like this. Much more comfortable for me haha, and she is my maple friend too!! I always save games from her. Haha, she always let friends make fun of her and she will say "无言" HAHA!
Lih Ching, The "dai ga jie" her style, is just exact like that and she talk so softly and calm. Seldom saw her nervous, excited ... expression. She have laugh nearly this few months haha. 

King Kong, he is tall and I don know why people call him King kong and also he asked to. He can be very calm and can be very excited. Haha, always say A lot time! 

And the gang~ They always be together, Yukie, Mei Lian, Lih Ching. 

Nah nah nah, The handsome one. Cleo.. Too much to describe about him, so just think what u see larh!!haha.

KT, the guy. "gam Mou" He used to be very friend with me in the first semester and due to something we are not close to each other. He is very funny, always make fun, it can be said that whole class is strong in making fun and jokes. LOL.

And Miss Intan, lecturer of our college, but she did not teach us any subject thou. She is cute la, for me. Not really close with her but she is also one of the lecturer that handle student.


The most fat one haha, Tai Ping. People always say him fat but he did not admit it. And he always say he wanted to keep fit. But he also can consider a quite good and experience class monitor. He is our Class Monitor. We always "push" him to volunteer. Haha, he is brave and he can able to do it ma. But he is kind we know.

Mei Lian, the best best student of our class. And super stress one. Luckily this picture shows her very tidy and neat hair. Normally, she had a very messy hair style to college and stress look. She always face the most difficult title for her project and super lot design and bla bla bla. Haha.. 

Neh, This selfie is much more nicer with the lighting. and dark background. No disturbance. HAHA.  

Kat Zat (Kian Cheong) His name.. also top student. He always silent and then came out shock things while we are rushing our works. He seldom mix with us and go hang outs. But luckily after the showcase he went out with us too. :D

The right pic will be the LRT group? They always take LRT to college, and met at the LRT and after that mei lian have car then she seldom take LRT. And I think they are most close to each other ba?
Mei Lian, Lih Ching, King Kong and JaeWen.

Vanusha, She always so cute, but I dono what to describe about her. Feel so empty. @.@
Tatari or Tatami. The gym guy? Before this he was abit chubby and now going-to-be-muscular. Haha, and the last project he did was Fitness Centre project. And he likes Skate. Thats all I know. hehe.

And here will be the ID79, different class but we do same class for certain subject but people always dun like to same class with us because we are too huge class and too noisy. Haha. 

The left is EZY, like so easy? Haha. and the right is, Ho..? Mr.Ho la. They used to call him like that.

Ken and Shu Qing. Ken is the top student of their class. And Shu Qing is consider the shortest but cute and rock!

The couple of their class. Ron and Angeline. Clubbing kia? Haha.

Junior, the JR. The first person that I know in their class. Don know why la. 

The another gang in my class. CC (Beside me), Ieka, Vanusha. 
And The FOO, the Giraffe. My furniture design's lecturer. 

It really end very smoothly, I mean my showcase. This is the brunch of my college friends.!

My selfie. Haha, I love the curl of my hair actually. Just showing that, you can compare the camera and the phone quality. Haha. Left is camera and right is phone camera.

My outfit of the last day. Abit fat fat but nice la~ I mean I like it. Haha.

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